About Patika
    Patika consist of a young established and experienced team in order to meet customers needs in providing solutions to expand their business by implementing the latest technology available to their e-business and e-mobile development.

    Established in 2008 with the support of the Bosphorus University KOSGEB Technology Development Centre, Patika¡¯s experience (over 15 years in the hospitality software industries) has been established in the field of e-business and e-mobile system as integration by providing services in Corporate internet, intranet and e-mobile portals. Patika has extensive experience in e- mobile platforms within Blackberry applications.

    Patika¡¯s HIM-Hospitality in Motion software can especially be integrated within the software programmes used by the tourism and hospitality industries. Shortly after Patika was established in 2009 it became a Blackberry Alliance Member and a Registered Developer for Apple iPhone. These two achievements have enabled Patika to become a major link in the world of Mobile technology.
© 2010 PATIKA All rights reserved.
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